ONE USB port…..

Well, recently I bought an Acer aspire switch one 10 or switch 10, not sure what the name is and it is not so important.

What is important, is the anoying fact that it only has ONE USB PORT!!! That means if I want to browse the internet with my USB dongle, I cannot use my mouse! Of course I could go buy a USB hub, but where is the fun in that?

The solution was found in an Acer Aspire ONE! Yeah, apparantly the first one of their netbook series. It has no monitor. It was broken when I got it so I ripped it off and cut the cables. VGA out is fine!

I have one lying around. It is probably 10 years old, has a 32 bit intel Atom, a wireless network card and THREE!!!! USB PORTS! THREEE!!!!! Yes, thats more like it!

It has no display. It was broken when I got it so I ripped it off and cut the cables. VGA out is fine! The acer is “just” a keyboard with a battery 😀

I Installed debian on the old acer, using a cheap 8gb USB stick as the boot drive, plugged in my 4G Modem, configured it as a router for both ethernet and wireless.

Now I can browse the internet on my new acer by using the old acers internet connection… AND use my mouse! HURRAH!

The shit geeks come up with to solve problems sometimes…… :p

How I avoided getting shot by knowing a little Arabic!

Allright, so a language saved me from getting shot today!!

I was sitting around in a garden when a girl came up and started looking at me. She started smiling while waving a gun around.. A guy she was with told her something in Arabic, she slowly pointed the gun towards me!

I assumed the guy ordered the girl to shoot me me, softly I let out my best arabic “no” which sounds somewhat like when you say “laa” with a strange knick at the end of the laa sound.

She lowered the waterpistol! I had saved myself from being drenched by a two year old daughter of my arabic neighbour!

I told the guy: “Phew, i guess my arabic saved me there…”
We both giggled and agreed!