Itchy Beard!

What the fuck is it with beards and the apparantly infectious itching that comes with the beard reaching a certain lenght? A few days later things are fine, but first… TORTURE!

Your chin might be itching abit at first. Then the throat follows a few hours later. Eventually the entire chest area from naval and up is itching. You cut the facial hair, the chest hair stops itching…?!?!?!? What? Are they somehow friends?

I find beard that reaches the itching stage due to lazyness or sheer desire, is amongst one of the most troublesome experiences male humans must endure from time to time.

Why does beard start to itch after aprox. 12 days? It will then go on itching for another week until it stops itching.

Usually, should the beard hit that lenght, I will go out of my way (seriously, I will leave you, my family and my girlfriend) to find a trimmer. Even in the middle of the night!

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