Twin Flames – Chapter One: Theoretical story

This story is based on real life experiences mixed abit of fantasy and subsequent research. This was one of the most torturous experiences I have had in my lifetime, at the same time, one of the most enlightening.

England, July 2013.

It was a great day, I was living in one of the posher areas of Greater London. Namely Banstead. Just 4 km’s away lives most of UK’s soccer teams players, in Kingswood.

It was magical, how did I get here? This was somewhat unreal. I came from Sønderborg Denmark just two months ago.. I had never planned this, I never wanted this, well yeah, who doesn’t, but it never crossed my mind, that is what I am trying to say.

Flashback 2 years.
Two years prior I landed a customer with a relatively huge demand in comparison to the amount of people he employed. I was an IT-System Architect. Windows Domain, email etc with storage solutions based on Linux and ZFS. I will not go into technical details, needless to say, I sold the guy a system with a value of 100.000$ by his own calculations for the price of 12.000$ He was happy, and he had good reason to. The following two years he had 0 system crashes. None…. nothing fatal! His janitor even removed half of the network cables from the rack the system was mounted in. It was a 2x vmware 2x ZFS replicating block device storage setup. The customers servers and applications continued to run. I got emails with alarms that something had went horribly wrong. I notified the customer who said oh yeah… the janitor had been doing stuff down there….

Yeah, the janitor definitely had been doing “stuff” down there… 9 network cables, seemingly random had been somehow removed from the port they were in. Thankfully, the IT system guy (me) had labeled all the ends with the corresponding switch ports so that if one fell out, it was easy to see the 19 on the cable fits 19 on the switch. As such, I did not have to drive 90 km to plug the 9 cables in myself and charge the customer 2 hours driving (back and forth) and 5 minuttes plugging the cable in. Instead, I charged the customer 1 hour and he plugged them in himself as the IT guy that built the system was so nice and label everything…  Sure I would have made more money, but if my customer sees me charge him 3 hours to plug in 5 cables… I don’t know, my consciounce kicks in there somehow….

This customer ended up starting a company in england and invited me to London to be the head of IT-Hardware. My company agreed to take on the task and negotated a fair deal. 15.000 DKK a month salary. 1700 pounds or 3000 USD with housing, food and everything else house keeperwise taken care of. This meant that I did not have to clean the house. I did not have to clean my clothes. I sadly had to shower alone though 😦 Oh and then there was the Mercedes C-Class available. Steering wheel in the WRONG side but, that was not a problem until I had to deliver one of my interns to Stanstead Airport.. That will be a side story!

Back to London, End of flashback

I was the beginning of july, I woke up in sweat. I had the weirdest dream. The English Boss didn’t care for the project. That was the main topic of the dream. I felt this was real. There was something about this dream that I just could not shake. It was different from any other dream I had ever had. It was kind of a cartoon. There was a waterfall in the servers we needed for the project here in England… waterfall in servers…. BAD! It was a very wierd dream. I remembered, half a year prior I had written the Intern, who happens to be one of my best friends… Dude.. I think this guy is doing some sort of tax evasion in Enlgand. Needless to say, I got more suspicious. This in itself was more than suspicious…. I had never had this strong feeling after a dream before.

There was nothing more I wanted than to stay in Banstead, Surrey, England. I had fallen in love with the huge uncut bushes, the 100 foxes and the 100 squirrels!. I lived in this house:

Next chapter: “Dreams turn to reality”

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