What a complete moron..

In World of Warships certain crates were sold. These crates were sold with marketing ads promising certain items, included the Lyon. The ships(product) would be delivered after a quest.

I sat around in Discord and asked if the Lyon would be a “regular” ship without “peculiarities” once the french  battleship line is implemented or if it would become a non-premium ship. Because I am quite sure that is not legal in the EU. I will explain later why.

One of the HEROS leaped the fray because I had made a definition mistake. The Lyon is apparantly NOT premium. I looked at my ship again. I changed my statement to not contain the word “premium” but the guy thought he won the discussion wether or not that change from “not-premium” to definitely not premium would be legal in the EU based on my error of defining the type/class/status of the ship properly. He kept on with this for ages attempting various totally wrong avenues of inquiry such as: “Did WG ever promise it would not be changed?” No… but if Microsoft downgrades your windows 10 because they never promised they would not, I am pretty sure that would arch some eyebrows in the EU aswell. He did not understand that comparison. I ended up getting super frustrated by him not understanding that the importance of the definition of wether it is premium or something other than premium but not “regular” did not matter. What matters is that the product, whatever status, name etc changes after delivery. This is a nono.

lyon.PNGThe problem lies in the way the ship was delivered. WG used marketing campaign to sell crates. These crates could randomly yield a quest which would, when solved reward the player with a ship (The product) with certain stats. Mine was delivered as in the screenshot above. I stated that if the ship, coming next patch is downgraded, that would be a problem in the EU. He failed to see that the entire value of the package promised by WG´s marketing, (the crates) diminishes if the ships status change from whatever he thinks they are now to “regular” ships. It would be misleading marketing if the product changes at best.

He kept arguing: “Wargaming did not state they would not change”,  however they also did not state they would change. As the product has already been delivered. One is to asume it will stay that way. Not suddenly change into a less valuable ship.

He totally failed to grasp this and was apparantly not able to understand my frustration after having attempted to do what we in denmark call (flue-knepped) word-battled my way to define everything correctly so he could understand even the simples obvious things. I failed miserably. I got angry, I called him what he was, an idiot and got kicked from the Clan. I was relieved I was kicked. Whoever kicked me failed to see the idiocy of this mans argumentation and probably suffered some kind of mental illness himself.

I  would probably have suffered too much of idiocy by remaining in the clan with him anyway. Such people just never learn anything, it is kinda why we call them idiots… They turn me furious! I am sometimes disgusted by natures inate ability to completely fail!!

Dedicated to S. who continued to attempt to argue just for the sake of arguing, instead of answering the question. True BPD!

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