If you have a friend like this… Run!

It was evening, we were going out. I had to change clothing. My generator was running. My friend was there. I asked him politely to go turn it off and bring it in so we could leave. He starts backing of. He starts finding excuses for why not to do it. Excuses such as “engine… oil..” it is  better that you do this.

I explain to him.. It is like using a coffee machine. There is an on/off switch, just flick it.

Lo and behold, 20 minuttes later we still stand there, generator not off, my clothes not on and we are arguing wether or not the fucking generator is going to be turned off or not due to his overcomplicating fucking fear of gasoline and oil…. He goes as far as to start blame shifting, shifting the reason for his in ability to turn the generator of, being my initial requestion (20 minuttes ago) So now he is NOT doing it just to piss me of…

Guess what motherfucker, if you had used just fucking 2 of those 20 minuttes to go inspect the actual generator…  I might not have to call you a fucking moron for not even attempting to figure it out before offloading it onto me with the assumption that you would get oil or gasoline on your fingers! Eventually I gave him an ultimatum to turn the generator off and prove his intel. or I forfeit the trip, to avoid being in company of such low IQ. It has a tendency to drag  you down there aswell so I am not too fond of mingling with dumb people.

I kicked him out, I cant handle stupidity like that! I seriously just can’t fucking handle it! His irrational fears are driving me fucking nuts each and every one of them! And he refuses to ackowledge them even after being fucking slapped in the face with evidence! AND THAT FACT ALONE, THAT ALONE IS THE REASON I KICKED HIM OUT! THE ARROGANCE OF IGNORING ONES OWN FLAWS IS ENOUGH… ENOUGH I SAY!

Usually I have to wait 2-3 minuttes for him to cross a fucking street… and of course he didnt cross it, just because “yeah.. now you want me to, then i wont” fucking girl! You are filled with fear!  Thats why! Worst of all, you don’t dare admitting it to yourself!
If you tolerate this… your children will be next!

We have had multiple past issues like this, unfortunately, I could not kick him out, we were at his place. I guess he never learned anything due to nothing having consequences. Well now the did.

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