How Windows 10 got 133 students killed

Baltimore, US.

133 Students killed as student turned to shooter after being laughed at by fellow students.

The student, 23 year-old Daryl Marsh had powered of his laptop the day before. The application he had open reapeared. A new feature of Windows 10. The problem was the content. Daryl had barely started entering his password before loud moaning and female screams of pleasure and sin spread throughout the auditorium.

Daryl, appeared frantic in his efforts to do something on his computer. Investigators uncovered that Daryl had been watching pornhub during the night before this tragic incident. Windows 10 automatically started google chrome and navigated to pornhub even before Daryl had a chance to login and close the browser.

“Daryl suffered from a personality disorder. This was too much for him and he must have snapped.” – Baltimore PD

Daryl ran from the audiotorium shortly after the misery and returned 15 minuttes later with a fully loaded automatic rifle. He systematically started shooting the people closest to him, officer Barnes from Baltimore Police Department pointed out. “It was a massacre”

“Windows 10 got a feature update where we found it practical to re-start the programs that were open when the pc was shut down. We never thought about this being a problem.” Microsoft Development engineer Christian Roberts uttered.

*”Press PAGE DOWN or scroll down until you find the text at the end of the article” – Lt. Martin Angry.



*The above story is 100% invented, None of the sources stated anything of the above. They are all misquotes and this is fake news. It is however not far from what could happen due to this new feature in windows 10. Someone clearly did not think this one through and did not “Begin with the end in mind.” – Covey

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