The problems with Windows 10

Windows 10 seems to have turned malware.
-It almost gave me a heart attack when I started my computer. Since when is shutdown a hybrid of ???? and hibernation? Furthermore, what is the logic behind this totally anoying feature of applications that were not closed before shutting down the computer, are restarted indiscriminately. Best way to restart a malicious application when your computer boots? Shut the computer down first, you will ensure that your malware will load before login on Windows 10

-An application crashes… Yes it happens, also to games in while playing tournaments, we need to restart the game fast. What we do NOT need is WIndows to attempt to fix the problem… I have been an IT PRO since 95, I know for a fact that Windows has NEVER EVER been able to fix ANYTHING that crashed. Why? Because the problem lies in code which windows cannot edit anyway. So how about you stop wasting IO time on starting an application which then, attempts to do the impossible? Why do I have to wait for the app to load so I can click “cancel” to close the stupid wizard and restart my game and get back to my competition to win 5000 USD?

-With internet sharing enabled on an interface. Why do I have to disable it and enable it again to fix it when it automatically breaks itself and stops working?
-I used windows NT, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003
They all had somewhat similar interface, the settings were called the same and were somewhat located the same place. In comes windows 10… move everything around, alienate ALL IT professionals and force them to study your twisted new way of creating a barbie world. Windows was never a tabletOS. You tried to make it one, but fact of the matter is, I bought a tablet with windows10 and I hate it. Your core competence is making OSes for PCs. If you want to make tablet oses, do that, but split it completely from the mainline Windows for PC’s.
-I removed all the candy crush saga and other things from barbie OS 10. All the pink tiles were removed. I was happy about that. I put in my own Icons. Windows updates, removes all my customization to the UI and adds back barbie games and what not…
-I am a gamer, I sometimes play important games such as “the grand finale” of a tournament. Suddenly my ping goes to 800- Because I am on an otherwise stable off-grid 3g/LTE solution the bandwidth usage greatly increases my ping… Why? Well, windows decided now was the best time to update and it is UNSTOPABLE!!! We lost the match, I got kicked from my pro-clan and I now have to find a new team.
-I had to reinstall windows as Windows 10 decided to update itself when I specificly asked it to shut the fuck down. It started updating, my solar power bank which is the only power I have ran out of juice midway. I actually shut down the computer to prevent windows from updating as i was low on battery. This happened four times in ONE WEEK during winter… Yes.. you read correct, I had to reinstall windows 4 times in one week because someone decided it was smart to remove the users oppinion and circumstances from influencing your operating system. This means the operating systemd does not know what to do, and just does whatever the idiot who programmed this idiocy, assumes the users want. With NO user input… how is that going to work out? We all know, assumptions is the  mother of all fuckups, and look at this…
Here is a very good example why windows starting up stuff before you can even login is NOT a good idea!!!

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