Almost getting electricuted.

Half a year ago aproximate. I remember it being cold, I was experimenting with my solar panels. for some reason I managed to connect two 48v battery banks in series instead of parallel so we reached 96V I can tell you that sucked!

It was the middle of the night on a cold december, and I could barely see. I attemped to connect a wire to the setup and vupti, my hand cramped together and I started yelling like as if i had a massive orgasm. I just stood there with cramped hand yelling “ohhhhhhhohooohhhhohhhh” for what appears to be 5 minuttes. In reality it was probably just 5 seconds or so. It was as if my left arm just completely froze up, grabbing the “grab this to get electricuted”-wire. shivering and shaking I attempted to flip the disconnect switch, eventually it worked and my arm was not happy at least I could end the spasmic movements I had going on and the yelling…

Carefull with 48v systems especially if you turn it into a 96V system by accident.

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