Dream Theater Album Titles translate to Heros Journey

Just putting Dream theaters album titles in order and relating them to their possible spriritual and mythological symbolics of “the heroes journey” / shamanic initiation. I was bored and had a creative moment 🙂

1989 When dreams and day unite.
Their dreams seem to depict a future situation. Thusly, what they dream at night happens at a later point while being awake. They might have suffered some cognitive dissonance during this period and onwards 😀 (Prophecy/premonition/spideysense/dreaming the future) impossible! yet it happens to them… go to a doctor (white coat heroes searching for a cure)… end up in a mental ward… shit! :/

1992 Images and Words
This describes their way of thinking. They might also recieve visions and hear voices during meditation. This is normal for people who have suffered enough and opened the third eye.

1994 Awake
“Who are you?” he asked the buddah. “I am awake.” said the Buddah.

1997 Falling into infinity
They realize the concept of infinity with no end and no beginning. E=mc2

1999 Metropolis Part II – Scenes from a memory
They can probably recall past events in fairly high resolution video and move around in their own memories/past lives. Hence one of their songs is called “regression”, it is not from this album.

2002 Sex Degrees of Inner Turbulence.
It is said that the body contains 6 primary energy centers that must be balanced so that the 7th primary energy center, the crown opens and “shines” You can recognize this in ancient paintings with people having a disc above their head or a halo.

2003 Train of Thought
“middle of the chaos, trying to make order out of it.”

2005 Octravarium
“caught in the chaos”

2007 Systematic Chaos
“Chaos is recognized as having patterns”

2009 Black clouds with silver linings
“The EXIT has been found”

2011 A Dramatic turn of events.
the shock is over, the ego is defeated and “enlightenment” is within reach, depression is on its way away.

2016 The Astonishing
An enlightened album. If one reads the lyrics in this album you will find the recipe for suffering and subsequent enlightenment.

Essentially they mean the same as chapter 24. if one wants them to mean that 😉 “The heroes Journey”


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