The kid who knocked out his dad.

I have been talking to my neighbour Claus today, he graciously allowed me to post this story. I find it helpful. It is a lesson about taking responsibility of ones actions. Essentially facing the demons from the past that might have been viewed “incorrectly” at that time. We found one of his “demons/shadows”, as he gave his son a magnifying glass. I asked him, if that was a good idea, because, maybe the kid would use the magnifying glass when daddy is not around… that would not be a problem he suggested.

Claus had the day before, talked to me about a tendency to want to turn off the stove and cooking plates, even when not turned on, that immediately became an indicator to me as a slight OCD event. I asked him if that might be one of the skeletons in his closet? (jungian shadow) I asked him, have you done something with fire once that had unintended consequences because you did not take responsibility? He went home to think about it, the day after he brought me his story.:

So on to the real story about Claus himself

So, this little boy Claus is sitting on his room. He has a lighter, some plastic and he has concluded, that some plastics actually shrink when you heat them. What he did not know at that time was, that some burn alot faster.

He lit the plastic thinking it would just shrink abit, instead it caught fire. He dropped it on the carpet in sheer panic. He jumped on the fire until it was out, leaving a big black charred spot.

Claus explained to me what he thought in that moment, he thought, this is my room, noone will notice it. I will run of to my friends place and noone will know I am there, because I am not telling anyone and as such… everything will work out just fine.

It would not work out fine… It would not work out fine at all….

Daddy trumps up, rings the bell.: “Is claus here?”

Claus – hearing that, runs out of the backdoor to avoid confronting his angry dad. Daddy sees it though and runs around the house to catch him. He runs alot faster than 9 year old Claus. Daddy is very close to grabbing little Claus, however, Claus turns around a corner, and his dad is 10 cm from reaching him. After turning the corner, Claud hid in a bush, expecting him to be grabbed any second. He sits down and awaits his fate. Nothing happens…. Claus waits for 10 minuttes… still nothing.. He steps out of the bush and looks for his dad. Daddy is nowhere to be found…?!?

Part II coming up soon(TM).


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