Fear of Rejection

I came to talk to a friend about one my absolute most favorite topics. The fear of rejection that plagues most of humanity.

I recovered an old story about this, with relations to certain myths and psychology.

“Those in a hurry will not arrive.” -Lao Tzu

When did your mind start reeling with thoughts?

That was a question I asked someone who had asked my assistance with some of the things that tortured the person.

The person responded, “at age 11 when I healed myself.”

I instantly knew what was wrong. The entity had used abilities without standing on firm foundation. How could it? It had never learned anything related to this, just like I had never learned to heal myself but suddenly did. I had read some of The way of Zen though and meditated which might very well have saved my sanity.

Through sheer will and determination, the person recovered from childhood osteoathritis induced child paralysis…. you don’t do that…the medical personel were puzzled.

The person described to me the horrors of just being in bed unable to move anything but the head. I can imagine imprisonment like that is not particularly fun.

The person had used the higher energy centers unconsciously, but neglected the lower. This means chakra 4 was not prepared for such workings. I tried to give the person this information in a blog post the 10th of April 2015. Image from FB conversation where the link and password is given can be found in the images section. (this is missing)

According to Ra, this causes insanity / mental instability. I was aware of that somehow, it was not something I had read or learned, it became more clear when I read the Ra material 9 months later.

35.4 explains this using Adolf Hitler as an example. I remind you Adolf was obsessed with the paranormal/occult and burned almost every book he could get his hands on to prevent other people from obtaining the knowledge contained. Thankfully he failed. There are other information ways than books 😉

What were the results for that person?

The person described itself as going from “one extreme to the other” going from low self-esteem and sadness to high-selfesteem and happiness. This is usually called Bi-polar or manic depression when it reaches a certain amount of intensity. I had myself observed this pattern in behaviour, and it was in fact one of the things the person asked me to help with.

Paranoia and fears, the person suffered from a serious of (to me visible, microexpressions, fidgeting and sudden movements.) fears.

The person explained that it sometimes would feel like its head was exploding with thoughts and drew a drawing to reflect that.

Now, what happens in the downstate of this person when the person is not having high levels of self-esteem?

“There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity, People who do not experience self-love have little or no capacity to love others.

— Nathaniel Branden”

The person did exactly the opposite of treating people with care. Arrogance, ignorance and accusations. In short the entity treated people in a consciously unloving manner.

What is the result of such behaviour?

12.29 Questioner: What could one of these entities do to become
karmically involved? Could you give us an example?

Ra: I am Ra. An entity which acts in a consciously unloving manner in action with other beings can become karmically involved.

What is the result of Karma ultimately if not resolved?
-Bad things happen.

How does one resolve such karma?

18.12 Questioner: You stated yesterday that forgiveness is the eradicator of karma. I am assuming that balanced forgiveness for the full eradication of karma would require forgiveness not only of other-selves but forgiveness of self. Am I correct?
Ra: I am Ra. You are correct. We will briefly expand upon this understanding in order to clarify.

Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. An understanding of this insists upon full forgiveness upon the conscious level of self and other-self, for they are one. A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self.

How does one get to the point where forgiveness can be done?

-To know consciously the crap that one has done to other people and forgive self for it, or ask forgiveness. Either works. Most people do not percieve their own mistakes as mistakes or are unwilling to admit them to themselves. this is a problem.


During the course of 4 months I started asking this person if the person had done anything bad? I had the dream of a future event that would unfold which was not of a positive outcome for this person. I knew roughly what would happen but not when, So I was in a race against an unknown amount of time.

The person responded: “I don’t talk badly about people behind their back.”

She did just that, talked badly about people behind her back. I caught her in doing so while walking with her boyfriend. I stood at the end of a street at the beach, the direction they were heading. 50 meters away I could hear her saying “THATS HIM!!” the boyfriend subsequently almost did not dare to walk past me. A guy I had talked to quite many times in a peaceful manner. I had never done anything to spook him. Now he was spooked… why was that?

The reason is simple because his girlfriend was slowly developing paranoid schizophrenia and he had just heard her completely irrational and wrong paranoid perspective of how I had tried to help her out.

Her Karma increased partially due to these actions. I cannot say how often she would do such things with other people as the target, but this time, she was caught red-handed.

I quickly realized that my physical presence would give her opportunities to repeat this pattern in respects to me, so I started avoiding her. I was hoping “out of mind, out of sight” would alleviate the problem.

Before all of this, I warned her of karma in a series of password protected blog posts. I shoved to her all the information she needed to understand why i dreamt her future, what karma is and how it can be alliviated. She responded.

“good morning, I read everything you wrote but only thing comes to my mind -enjoytime with grandma sometimes eyes are too much saying about the person even if you are trying to hide it … ;”

I was relieved.. she had the knowledge she required.

But… she did not. She lied about reading the blog posts.

I sometimes check how many people I reach with my blog posts. The publicly available ones had 1000’s of reads, the password protected ones had 0. She had not read it.

She did not read the 1st grade material but demanded to get the university level knowledge. This is not possible. The law of one can hadly be comprehended by human mind as it is, to skip important details is to invite fear and doubts. In an already paranoid person, This leads to such catastrophic events as I have previously described.

Below is a picture of what I suggested we should talk about next.

To that one she responded “but karma should not be changed” which would not have been her response had she done her homework.

The person has now resumed the patterns of “bad” behaviour and karma is significantly rising as a result. My hands are tied as I cannot personally interact with this person anymore.

Pictures: 1 the blogpost explaining the 4th chakra/heart chakra problem being the cause for blockages causing insanity. If not alleviated, full blown paranoid schizophrenia will be irreversible.

Picture 2: I explain to the person that karmic resolution is what we should talk about. I do that, to prevent the 2nd prophecy to become true. Her death.It is not a physical death per se, but a mental death of the person. A person with that illness, will be very much different than before the illness.

Details that could identify the person has been removed. It is of no relevance for the meaning.

What do I do? Risk approaching the person risking my entire environment percieving me as crazy because the person did not do homework enough to understand what I was trying to do? I won’t be able to go to places I enjoy going if this turns bad for a significant amount of time.

Ask someone else to shove the Ra material in front of her so she can possibly resolve it herself? She was introduced to Ra through me in wierd ways before. I will explain that in a future post. It is not important right now. The person was partially responsible of directing me to the material through a seriousof synchronicities. It was a two-way street so to say.

I need help to help this person and it is apparantly quite urgent.

Should I just stop caring and let the person continue the path of self-destruction?


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