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Law of One 33.16 translated

“From dependence to independence to interdependence” Stephen Covey 7 habits of highly effective people

In Humans:
DEPENDENCE = Child which needs parents
INDEPENDENCE = The Teen that revolts against its parents
INTERDEPENDENCE = The Teen that grows up/matures to be able to work with others to reach a set of common goals.

This parts speaks of “independence”
.16 Questioner: I was thinking possibly the catalyst of physical pain. How does this… Does this go under this heading?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, it going under the heading of the unmanifested self; that is, the self which does not need other-self in order to manifest or act.

Fristad skider i vandet. Her er løsningen


Danske politikere burde tage at fokusere på løsninger istedet for problemer i visse situationer. 6 år siger han at han har arbejdet på problemet?!?!? Tror han skal finde et andet job. 3500 kr koster sådan et toilet…Hvad har hans løn været i de 6 år?

“Composting toilet” (images and words)

“Komposterings toilet” (Wikipedia: TEXT)

Where is “facebook” lite?

I get anoyed by all the stupid emoticons that turn around, twist around and millions of pictures that need to load before I can start doing anything.

I litterally have to wait 15-30 seconds on my 3g connections (tethered phone) on my laptop before all the “useless things” have loaded. It creates stress, agitages me and I simply get this feeling that I want to destroy facebook and recreate it better.

But instead of doing that, how about giving people a choice?

-Full fledged, with what I consider alot of “time wasters and escape activities”
-Lite, without those things so that productivity is increased.

“Think win-win” for currently, facebook wins, I loose and if both parts do not win, everything will crash.” derived from 7 habits of highly effective people.

The “Adams” apple

In buddism, it is the speaker of truth, who has balanced the 5th chakra. The 5th chakra is forged in the flames of honesty. Source:

It is analogous with the “bodhi tree” or “the tree of wisdom”
It was the emperors apple (gods apple), it contained stones of wisdom and there were 6. a red, a orange, a yellow, a green a blue and a purple rain.

It was obtained today at a fleemarket for 15 DKK on a street 100m from my home