Having an encrypted conversation with some teens at the beach.

After qutting cannabis, I experienced what would be called “micro-psychosis” moments of well, what should I say, oddness. So I went to the forest and the beach to clear my head and to get grounded. I met a few teens sitting at a campfire. Looking for a cigarette, I asked them if they had one.

I noticed that some of them had a bit of confusion in their heads aswell and decided to talk to them about it. They kinda felt they lived in a matrix but did not entirely understand what it meant.

I told them I was the programmer of the matrix and joked abit with them. It must have been so funny that they felt the need to record it 😀 I just went with it added abit more of my wicked humor. At least they have something to laugh about instead of the same dull situations we tend to get into 🙂


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