“Stealing” another mans girlfriend (Twice)

11 years ago in all aproximation, I had a best friend. We used to play alot of world of warcraft, however, I eventually found the game quite dull and smoked too much cannabis to actually find pleasure in anything at all beyond having a shittonne of nasty thoughts in my head.

My friend. Mr. K had a girlfriend, Ms. J and Miss J had a friend who I have previously described in this Article(LINK)

Some night while drunk and Mr. K was away, Ms J. and I ended up kissing. I remember the party and the circumstances which is fairly odd because we drank alot back then. I believe I might have had a break from cannabis at that time. I have had multiple breaks, but always reverted to smoking again, which always turned out to be a very bad idea..

I felt incredibly bad for what I had done and a few days later I confessed the situation.
He was angry for a few days, but forgave me and our life continuned as if it had not happened. At least from my perspective.

A while later, the situation repeated itself. Ms. J apparantly found me a quite good kisser, that was what she said, and at another party, in the same basement we ended up kissing again. It would appear we both lacked integrity back then.

I once again confseed my sins to my best friend. Ms. J got pissed that I had told him the truth, but, I simply could not, not say the truth. I will not go into the details of the thought processes that plagued me back then, but he forgave me one more time and we resumed our friendship as if nothing had happened. However, cannabis eventually broke the friendship.

Honesty goes fruther. I hope women will some day learn that because right now, their insecurities and fears are torturing men world wide, and I want this to stop. Not so much for my own sake, but I see guys and girls collide and slip away from each other constantly. It is sad, and it gets even worse if kids are involved.

I swore to myself, I would never “steal” a girl from anyone ever again, be it girlfriend or boyfriend.

The bible actually held guidelines for moral behaviour in this case. “You shall not desire another man/womans wife)

The problem is the word “shall” it is a comand. The nameless one does not command, he gave free will. The more correct wording should be:

“It is considered imoral to desire another persons wife/husband” but it is free for humanity to try it out. But the laws of karma apply. If you do this before/now/later it will keep happening to you untill forgiveness eradicates that karmic pattern. (LINK will open in new window, extract what resonates, leave the rest)

He forgave me, but did I actually ever forgive myself? Not really. I guess its time to clean that up. Thusly, I forgive myself for having had this imoral behaviour. Can i blame the alcohol? No, because I was the one who drank it. So, it was my responsibility.

“Less alcohol is more.” which would translate to “Zero alcohol is infinitely better.”

Ms. J and Ms. K have a child together now, and I think, they weathered the storms. I have no contact with them anymore, but I hope they are doing well 🙂


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