Why pedophiles do what they do.

Well, first of they are fucked up in their heads and are “power over others centered” And that is my personal opinion and they shall all be removed from this planetary sphere in time.

Those fuckers have even made my life more difficult as the Danish Secret police has been invading my privacy since 2013. I know they have, and I find them quite amateurish as I took certain measures to detect intruders in my home. Besides, When i put stuff somewhere and it has been moved and it wasnt me, then someone else has moved it.

However, the reason for the behaviour is “sexual energy transfer/healing” Kids are not particularly “distorted” in their beingness. They are more “Pure” than more mature subjects due to lack of social conditioning as such they attempt to “two become one” through sexual activity. The problem is, that penetrative sex is not for pleasure, it is only for reproduction and is addictive and imbalances are transfered to both partners.. Tantric sex is for balancing and healing amongst others.

There are other techniques that I am at current time/space space/time not aware of.

However, the “elite” society as they call themselves, use satanic rituals to empower themselves. However, they will never get away with it without being caught.



One can get an insight in this by reading the bible and certain hinduistic texts. However, the most intelligeble distortion came from LL research spiritual channelings of what would previously be called “Egyptian Sun God Ra”

If you so desire, you can extract the meaning from this link



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