When interesting things are hiding in bushes..

We walk into the “underworld/night” and search for lost/found souls to be heard/talked to so that they can be catalyzed in self-healing of the physical or emotional complex so that the entity can proceed in dissolving the EGO (Jung)

As such i met a man, who had a story to tell. He was a deserter from a war in Jugoslavia and is/was/will be a political refugee. He choose to change his ways and become a hero for his family instead of a war machine.

Essentially, he was sleepless at night and while his wife and kids are sleeping, he goes collecting bottles in nature. He sends them home to the ones in his old wartorn country.

He had an amazing story to tell. I wont mention his name as that would be a violation of ffree will, but if he can do it, many others can do it! He had realized that he could be a monster but choose nolonger to be one.

Some say people never change. That is incorrect. If they break the circle of what you call karma everything changes. But it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and a no-fear-fist-first philosophy that previously was reserved for people who consider themselves “special” but arent special, they are just “different”

All is one, all is good and well.


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