Happy/Angry/Balanced-administrator on Milk

If you do not get heart palpilations when drinking milk, the milk is ok to drink 🙂

Milk, funny topic. In India the cow is holy. It provides nurishment and high energy density for human beings. Both the meat when cow dies naturally and while it provides milk.

In current density, human beings have certain requirements for nurishment. Those who work in offices or sleep all day can probably get by by eating nuts, fruit and vegetables, but those who move alot, work out etc… If they start drinking milk aswell, they will get fat.

However, in Greenland, most inuits are lactose intolerant and cannot handle milk.

I have personally been drinking milk since I was very very young. I have never had holes in my teeth untill I went to the dentist for the first time in 17 years because someone knocked ones of my teeth out. The great dentist told me I could get a temporary plastic “smiling tooth” which required him to file down my healthy teeth, thinking he could probably make abit of extra cash at a later time. He created business for himself by harming me. Am I affraid of dentists? No, but they fuck up your teeth for their own profit. Because if you weaken the tooth enamel, your teeth are WEAKER AND MORE EASILY START GETTING HOLES, CRACK UP AND DIE…. good for business, bad for you! This is logic………    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth_enamel

A while ago i started a cleansing process of my body which required me not to drink milk. I would get heart palpilations each time i did something that was not in alignment with my own beliefs.

One size does not fit all in this instance! Each their own… etc. When the cleansing is over, I drink milk untill next time i feel the need to cleanse myself.

Besides, if the 5th chakra is balanced, I heard that negative “energy” can be turned positive. (Mass energy eqvivalency) E=m If it is not yet balanced, you may ask your higher self to do it for you. And since the higher self is yourself in the future according to the Ra material (www.lawofone.info)

If milk does not work for you, that is fine. But if you use shampoo with milk while claiming that “you should not drink milk because you also do not drink cat milk” then you will end up with “cognitive dissonance” because you yourself is not walking your talk. I took the soap from the person and stated: “If I cannot have milk, you cannot have milk” because what you do to others, you do to yourself ^^ But the identity in question is as always forgiven as I like the person anyway even though the entity has much to learn.

The lecture from all of this:
A male who moves and does not sit still requires about 14.000 KJ of energy, depending on the speed of movement and other factors. 1 liter of organic danish milk contains 2650 Kj of energy. So, I could get by by drinking 4 liters of milk a day. It is fast, efficient and delicions. I love milk. I would like you to calculate how many vegetables you need to eat and how much it costs to eat organic non-homegrown food in order to get 14000 Kj of energy. At the same time, how much CO2 does it cost to provide that amount of energy? Plant trees or do other things for nature and there will be balance.

But the cow gets antibiotics… yeah yeah yeah, did I ask you for that information? If not, it is best not to provide it 😉 “what people dont know, does not hurt.”

And if you slap me in the face with what you call “science” I will slap back with “You can do whatever you want in this universe, provided you do it fast enough for noone to notice.” -Robert Dijkgraaf, PhD.

Each their own. To add a cosmic “joke” Ra snaps his fingers, takes a leak and commands all toxins to leave his body.


“less is more”

Paragraph 9


Then said Isis to Ra:
‘Your name is not among those you have told me:
tell it to me.
The poison leaves a man when his name is pronounced.’
The poison bit in with its bite,
more powerful than the burn of fire.
Then the Presence of Ra said:
‘Give my your ears, my daughter Isis,
for the issue with the name from my innards to your innards,
for the most divine among the gods hid it
to be broad ranging in the sacred boat of millions.
If it happens as the time of the desire going out to you,
tell it to the son, Horus,
when you have bound him by an oath of god,
the granting of the god his two eyes.’
The great god raised up in his name
to Isis great in words of power.
‘Fail, scorpion, go out from Ra,
eye of Horus, go out from the god,
Burning of the mouth,
I am the one who made you, I am the one who sent you,
Fall to ground, poison,
I have power, see the great god has raised up in his name.
Ra lives, the poison has died.
So-and-so born of so-and-so is alive, the poison has died.’
From when Ra said his own name to Isis the great mistress of the gods.
Source: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/museums-static/digitalegypt/literature/isisandra.html

“However, a God without a name, cannot be slain” -The Nameless One.



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