Help to reduce smoking?

I was wandering about my hometown, which is where the streets have no name, as I always used to forget them. But i ran by “borgen” and found two teens smoking in their cigarette break. Sat down and talked to them and, they had a great understanding of what is called “the law of one”

I made them aware of how additive free cigarettes are less harmfull and easier to quit than regular cigarettes with additives. The additives in regular cigarettes are highly addictive, along with nicotine, we have what i consider “cross contamination”

Toxins cause what we could consider “negative thought form entity breeding grounds” there might be other more, precise defintions.

Mixing several toxins is never a good idea. It gives you “mixed feelings”

My toxin is also nicotine for now. I always said I will quit cigarettes when I get a girlfriend who is, first of all worthy of my/our attention and requests me to quit. If she commands or attempts subliminal manipulation the request will be rejected 😉

Manipulation is of old paradigms pre-2012.


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