How Karma got someone killed that I knew

A while ago, I met a homeless guy, his name was Jesper Sørensen.  He was without money and without food, tent and sleeping back. I bought some food for him and eventually got him to a homeless shelter via. someone else so he could be taken care off.

A few days ago he died in police custody in Sønderborg, Denmark due to an overdose.
What happened before that? He tried to poison three of my patients at the local homeless shelter.

The guy in question, Jesper was his name, had been stealing stuff from Sønderborg Kommune prior to being caught by the police. He was stealing “PH Lamps” which are quite valuable in terms of what you call money.

Why did he die in custody of the police is a good question. I do have the answer but I shall remain silent.

What is the learning lecture here? “Don´t fuck around with karma, it is a bitch – A broken promise is the path to exile”


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