Attacked with a knife by my neighbours girlfriend! :/

It was some evening in 2011. I was visiting my neighbours. A couple. The girl had been diagnosed with BPD, I came to understand why that evening…

After some beers and general chit-chat, we came to the topic of her wrists. She had scars from cut up and down both of her arms. Not the right way to do it, should you desire to end your life. She told me: “I know” upon which I replied: “Don’t you find it abit cruel to attempt to communicate your pain like this to others?” “Abit, I could end it now..” “Yes, you have had the ability to end it many times, but you haven´t.”

“I will do it now!”, “Sure”, I said “on one condition. You use my knife. It is really sharp!”
She agreed. The point of making her use a sharp knife was that the cut would be clean instead of jagged edged. It would be easier for the doctors to fix a cut like that later.

It is a lesson to be learned… always cut veggies with a sharp knife… the finger is easier to attach that way 🙂

She ended up threatening me with the knife. I disarmed her with abit of martial arts and pacified her. I called acertive for the boyfriend to take the knife away and as he had sone so I released her and left home.

I Called the police and explained the situation, emphasizing that I did not want her to be jailed, but she needed a lecture that “enough is enough”. The police came and interviewed them, I had already explained my position so they did not need to talk to me. As such she was not arrested, but she was taught a lecture on how not to behave. We call this “Cognitive behavioural therapy”


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