How I will deviously attempt to take the final step towards quitting cigarettes

-Replace one addiction with a less addictive ones and then quit the less addictive ones in the end.

In my previous article, I wrote how I went from smoking additive filled cigarettes to non-additive filled cigarettes and subsequently lowered the nicotine concentration.
At the same time I quit smoking huge amounts of Hashish. Stopped taking Amphetamines. Stopped drinking too much (even though, I  only drank like 3-6 beers pr. week when a friend dropped by.

I did not consider myself an alcoholic. Some people around me had that misconception which was funny. I used to be a weekend alcoholic, getting drunk each thurs, fri + saturday, but that ended many years ago. I would still go out 1-2 days pr. month, but consuming no where near as much alcohol as I did back in the 00´s

So, to quit cigarettes I will be free to do whatever I want, apart from falling back to alcohol and too much cannabis. I will eat meat if I crave it. I will eat too much chocolate if I crave it. I will eat Ostepops if I crave it. (I loved those) My great granny always had a bowl of those.

Why do I do this? Because I met my twin and what happens to me, happens to her aswell and vice versa. I do not have intentions of messing up our combined lives now that I am 112% certain this stuff (twins) is real. She deserves alot better from now on than what she has recieved in the pats..

Shared karma and shit… complicated stuff. In physics its called “Quantum entanglement”

I wrote something similar a few years ago due to observations I made with a girl I initially believed to be my “twin” but turned out to not be. It was “something else” and I actually dont care what it was it is past, but wierd stuff (from a past perspective) happened between me and her. CG Jung termed them “Synchronicities”

I just did not know that… I only knew about quantum physics… and alot of other stuff.


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