How I will NOT deviously attempt to quit cigarettes again…

Okay, I made an error of judgement, or lets say, it was a failed experiment. I attempted to quit cigarettes by compensating with candy… What was the result? I slept far longer than I had to and simply could not get out of bed due to tiredness.

I ate 2 bags of candy in no time and an entire plate of organic chocolate…

Essentially, I screwed up my metabolism big time, paid the price by being tired as hell and essentially almost missed a meeting at 11.00. Thankfully I met a “guardian angel” to use that metaphor who randomly (synchronicity) drove by in the exact proper time so that I would arrive at the destination “JIT” Just in time. Thanks Mr. Struck 😉

I gotta find another method I take it. More fruit and veggies 🙂 Thankfully an army of neighbours have allowed me to pick fruit in their garden so I should be just fine 🙂


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