Magic The Gathering Arena: An anoying imbalanced game!

Rarely have I played a game that could cause so much anger as MTGA.
You get to turn 5, you have a decent amount of creatures and enchantments on the board.  …..No, you don´t, you see, you are playing against blue and it is his turn to attack. He casts his magic card to take all cards back to your hand and wupti.. You are left with a bunch of lands and everything that just was on your table in front of you appart from lands are now in your hands. The opponent attacks. You can´t block.. Mr. Blue just removed all your creatures. You are dead.

Another game. Round 2. Enemy has 6 creatures 4/4 merfolk that cant be  blocked. You are dead. Good fun. Thank you Mr. Blue.

Another game. Someone manages to get a planeswalker on the table. 3 turns later, if you dont manage to get rid of it, you lost.

Another game: your opponen only has deathtouch creatures, you cant attack him. He casts a planeswalker,  you are dead.

Another game: You have the best deck in the world, RNG decides you only get lands the first 6 turns..

Another game: You have the best deck in the world, you have 7 creatures in your hand and RNG spits out only creatures from your library…

No matter how you build your deck, there is always something out there that can beat it. And its just one single card that often tilts the entire game and there is simply NO way to get around loosing the game if that single card ends up on the table.

There is no requirement for alot of brains in this game, everything is decided by RNG and you either hit the jackpot with RNG or not.

I do not recommend this game. All it does is to create anoyances with bullshit hypercards that just plain and simple ruin the fun. Go play hearthstone instead.


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