When people say dumb shit…

Last year i had a conversation with a girl about milk. I like milk and quaff a liter in no time. She did not like me drinking milk from cows, because well she felt pity for the cows, and furthermore she put it: “You don´t drink milk from a cat do you?”

I was initially puzzled and thought she was joking. Unfortunately She was serious. I replied, maybe its because cats dont lactate so much and it would take too many cats and would be impractical. She didn´t seem to understand that…

At some other point she claimed there to be no sugar in chocolate, because its 85% cocoa… Yeah well… what do you think the remaining 15 % is? MILK and SUGAR

So here is her logic:
-Its ok to torture cows if the milk is used for chocolate and icecream to cure girl-depression
-It is NOT ok to drink milk from cows because they are tortured
-It is not ok to drink milk from cows because you also don’t drink cat milk.
-It is OK to kill cows and make leather boots of them, then wear the leather boots.
-85% cocoa means 100% no sugar.


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