Civilization 6 multiplayer Shitlist/Blacklist+whitelist

People who are children/assholes/bitches:
Liquidblue8388 (read comment to this post to figure out why)

Early quitters:
Merathos (multiple times before turn 10)
Bossman (turn 84) (had to go, cya?!?!?)
Emporuto (Turn 2)
Mother Alferda Packer (Turn 25)
comrad bork
Lark44 (turn 23)
Rickysnickets (Turn 22) (Argued his starting position was bad then quit as host)
Dobbie (Rage quit at turn 57 because his teammate made peace)
WAsABI (Turn 58)
Aceconklin (turn 58)
Seal_Darkness (turn 32)
Cezarwawa1234 (turn 49)
Gerny (Turn 69)
Isio (Turn 29)

People considered decent players who stay around:
Paranka Princeps

6 thoughts on “Civilization 6 multiplayer Shitlist/Blacklist+whitelist

  1. The player who makes this list is a compete and total noob who rage kicks people from his game. Do not take anything he says about civilization 6 seriously. He is a failure of a civ player. He goes by the name Angry_Admin on civ. Kick him from every single game he is in.


    • Scenario:
      RL friend and I start a game of civ. We play 200 rounds against 6 AI without any problems. The MP game is set to private.
      I am busy cleaning my keyboard while playing. All the buttons are off my keyboard.

      In comes, Liquidblue8355, He joins the game picks the most dominant AI and starts a war with both me and my friend for no seeming reason 2 turns after joining. (he was not invited nor welcome to this game) From my point of view, he shouldnt even have been able to join…

      I kick him because, this is a game for my friend and me, not him.

      He then pm’s me on steam and explains to me what amoron the host was for kicking him. I still cant reply.

      I load the game I saved the second he joined as I feared such greifing would be the result…
      I start a new game, make SURE its set to private and what happens? In comes Liquidblue8355 who apparantly did not get the memo with the first kick…

      So 2nd kick…
      Then he goes crazy acussing me of rage kicking and all sorts of things… Sure I did that.
      You went into my garden, you had no place in my garden, I kicked you out.

      You trespassed and now you are whiney about it. You even found it necesary to find my blog and rant here after 1 full side of HAHAHAHHAA….WHAT A MORON…. CANT TAKE LOOSING…. etc on my steam…

      Sorry bud.
      The language you have chosen here, and in steam chat was enough for me to ban you and reply after i smacked in keys randomly to get to reply to the child who as attacking me.

      Look, grow up, stay out of grown ups games… We dont like entitled narcissists here…


      • AHAHAH you are such a turd! You could have said you didn’t want other people playing. I was play an hour or so before you kicked me. You only kicked me when you started losing because you suck. You are a failure of a civ player and people like you ruin the game. By the way your fucking website sucks. You are a terrible player and a sub-human piece of shit. Go play farmville you dunce!


  2. Also, what kind of noob cleans their computer while playing a video game at the same time? hahahahahahahah! You are so stupid and try to look smart with your Albert Einstein quotes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


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