“Friends” are strange entites..

So I call up a friend on discord. Turns out he is on his phone.

He is with his x-girl friend.

X.gf asks me to send BF a link to later be transmitted to X-GF

I Inquire to X-bf id link has been transmitted 1st time. So I guess It has been transmitted to X-gf.

I inquire if link has been transmitted to X-bf. It has not, because “he did not think about it” Which is odd, because I sent him the link immidiately when X-GF requested it.

2 Weeks go by, I ask X-bf if X-Gf recieved the link. X-Bf “did not “think about it” and never did.

I send “x-bf” the link a third time

ah fuck it…this is absurd…