Asrock x570 Phantom Gaming X review. It’s bad!

Bad board, Bad Support!

Well, I got the board, entered BIOS 1.70 and found SB_Temp sitting at 71C with the SB fan spinning at airplane turbine speeds… 6000 RPM. I pondered this, as the board should not be this warm while I was just browsing the BIOS for 5-10 minuttes. I decided to update the BIOS before venturing forth.

I update to 3.40 and enter the BIOS. SB fan still spinning at an incredible 6k RPM but the SB_temp was down… WAY DOWN… So much down that the actual reading is no longer visible in 3.40. I guess Asrock figured out their boards ran way too warm and essentially just attempted to hide this fact from users.

I attempted to install windows several times. It would continually reboot after “Configuring devices 86%” I was not able to get windows installed on the board.

I tested the ram with memtest86 coming up clean.

I placed extra fans on the SB, still rebootingI disabled every non-essential stuff in bios such as the wifi and BT. Still rebooting

Installed Linux, (proxmox) and installed windows in proxmox, no problem. GPU passthrough, No problem and that is how I am running the board now since installing Windows 10 clean is impossible.

I contacted Asrock tech support just to be ignored. It has been 3 weeks since I contacted them and nothing. I read on their forums from other users that Asrock simply stopped responding to tickets regarding SB_temp on their x570 Board….

I remember back in the early 00’s) where I would cringe in terror when seeing asrock boards in customer pc’s… I guess nothing has changed since then.

The most obvious issue I have with this is their attempt to hide the poor design from users by removing the temp-readout in bios and ignoring peoples support tickets…

Testing with “sensors” in Linux yields 71C and a whiney SB_Fan… 3.40 Did NOT fix it, just hide it.

I cannot recommend Asrock to anyone after this experience.