Asrock x570 Phantom Gaming X review. It’s bad!

Bad board, Bad Support!

Well, I got the board, entered BIOS 1.70 and found SB_Temp sitting at 71C with the SB fan spinning at airplane turbine speeds… 6000 RPM. I pondered this, as the board should not be this warm while I was just browsing the BIOS for 5-10 minuttes. I decided to update the BIOS before venturing forth.

I update to 3.40 and enter the BIOS. SB fan still spinning at an incredible 6k RPM but the SB_temp was down… WAY DOWN… So much down that the actual reading is no longer visible in 3.40. I guess Asrock figured out their boards ran way too warm and essentially just attempted to hide this fact from users.

I attempted to install windows several times. It would continually reboot after “Configuring devices 86%” I was not able to get windows installed on the board.

I tested the ram with memtest86 coming up clean.

I placed extra fans on the SB, still rebootingI disabled every non-essential stuff in bios such as the wifi and BT. Still rebooting

Installed Linux, (proxmox) and installed windows in proxmox, no problem. GPU passthrough, No problem and that is how I am running the board now since installing Windows 10 clean is impossible.

I contacted Asrock tech support just to be ignored. It has been 3 weeks since I contacted them and nothing. I read on their forums from other users that Asrock simply stopped responding to tickets regarding SB_temp on their x570 Board….

I remember back in the early 00’s) where I would cringe in terror when seeing asrock boards in customer pc’s… I guess nothing has changed since then.

The most obvious issue I have with this is their attempt to hide the poor design from users by removing the temp-readout in bios and ignoring peoples support tickets…

Testing with “sensors” in Linux yields 71C and a whiney SB_Fan… 3.40 Did NOT fix it, just hide it.

I cannot recommend Asrock to anyone after this experience.

2 thoughts on “Asrock x570 Phantom Gaming X review. It’s bad!

  1. I learned my lesson on ASrock, I built a conservative desktop with a ASrock B450 Pro4 and Ryzen 2400G CPU with Vega 11 graphics. Have 16 Gb RAM and a spin drive with Windows 10 Pro. After several months the PC started rebooting after waking from sleep, or wouldn’t wake from sleep, or wouldn’t sleep at all. No real reason showing up in system error logs and all drivers were current and I tried other bios releases. It has convinced me the board is just unstable and goes through periods of just having brief interrupts that have negative effects. Temps are all good, and all my test by way of RAM, system scans, and Windows 10 scans have discovered nothing. It’s come down to just being a unstable build that I am about to give up on and toss it.


    • In the future, I will return to Gigabyte for all my mainboard needs. They are also the only brand to my knowledge supporting initialization of a GPU that is NOT present in slot 1. I run alot of VFIO and need that function 🙂

      I have had 7 gigabyte boards over the last 10 years. of those 6 are still functional and the one that does not work ran in a shed with absolutely no insulation, moisture, frost, insane high temps during summer, no wonder it broke. But it lasted 6 years in industrial conditions… and it was a consumer board!


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