Fear vs. Love

Fear divides us.
Love unites us.
Love heals us.
Fear destroys us.

In these situations, EM field mechanics apply.

Fear leeches energy from “Loving” people


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When you plan a trip to the beach and something unexpected pops up.

Well, yesterday an old friend dropped by. We walked around almost aimlessly for a while, but, what we did not realize untill later was, that we were treasure hunting for “items” for usage in a few “cradle-to-cradle” projects I once planned.

Biomatter gassification system:
-A pipe (old car exchaust)
-a heat exchanger (old car radiator)
Thanks to “Jens bilmekaniker” bag fitness syd.


After having collected those items, my friend and I go shopping. On the return trip we find two perfect red roses, We walk a few 100 meters and I suddenly stare on a mailbox that contains one female name which is irrelevant. It is a name from older times (60-70 years) and there is only a womans name on the mailbox. I put a rose in the mailbox. Who else would give an old lady roses? If there no mans name on the mailbox, the woman lives alone. Rose donated. The next mailbox we encounter, same thing.

Suddenly I gaze on a garden gate with a broken hinge. I conclude that it is in too bad a shape to be used, walk away and think to myself “remember to always think twice” and go back to inspect it. I conclude that this is the right size without having measured anything, but someone else needs it. “Oddly” enough, it has the correct dimensions to fit pre-existing poles. (The original garden gate is too short) It was found on a street that I normally do not use, but random directions sometimes lead to a cool discoveries. “The path least taken” I bring it home, and dada… it fits…

“What sits fits”

I plan a trip to the beach, bring a bottle of water and a bottle of black tea. Suddenly, a whole bucket of flowers lay on the road in front of me. I collect them and head onwards to the beach, knowing perfectly well where to deliver them, however, I had to take a detour to the beach first. I find a couple sitting on a bench, quickly snap of a rose and give it to the guy stating “now you can give your girlfriend a rose :)” Then I vanish again searching for the next cool thing. I end up at the harbor watching awesome stone-scultures. Then I sneak up on someone through an open gate “open sesame” and deliver the rest of the flowers to someone special who deserves them because, I had made a slight mistake in communicating something which got someone else hurt. “I apologize” The person was either sleeping/not there or something else, it was late so I left them at the door.

At the same time i find a guy who seems to be running around in circles, kinda lost. It turns out to be a tax atourney from Odense, Mr. Furtado, who could not find his hotel on “kongevej” so I show him the way home, get his business card and head back home.” Cool  name, reminds me of “Nelly Furtado”

All in a days work 🙂

“Something lost was found”

On my way back home, I pick  up some random trash and toss it in the trashcan. Suddenly i find alot of read and white roses petals lying on the side of the road. That reminds me of an old Bon Jovi song from the past. “Bed of roses”
(bed of roses, bed of nails (fakir))

Fun synchronistic day 😉 From chaos to abit more order. Too much order is bad 😉


Getting too many children – fucks up the planet.

Well, that is logical. If there are too many people, there is not enough space to grow food naturally.

Fear of not being taken care of when growing old is not an excuse to fuck up the planet.

China once had  a 1 child pr. family rule. Good rule. It was more sustainable.

Infertility is natures way of saying stop, look and listen… You are doing it wrong for the wrong reasons in 4dp

Besides, having more than one kid sometimes ends up with two kids fighting each other in their young age. Why? Anyone care to comment? Love is spread too thin 😉

“Energy flows where attention goes” Toilet-wisdom

Law of One 33.16 translated

“From dependence to independence to interdependence” Stephen Covey 7 habits of highly effective people

In Humans:
DEPENDENCE = Child which needs parents
INDEPENDENCE = The Teen that revolts against its parents
INTERDEPENDENCE = The Teen that grows up/matures to be able to work with others to reach a set of common goals.

This parts speaks of “independence”
.16 Questioner: I was thinking possibly the catalyst of physical pain. How does this… Does this go under this heading?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, it going under the heading of the unmanifested self; that is, the self which does not need other-self in order to manifest or act.

Lad os få glødepærene tilbage.

De LED lys, jeg ved ikke om det kun er nogle af dem, men hold kæft hvor er de træls. Jeg har talt med mange medarbejdere i forskellige butikker der bliver trætte i hovedet, får hovedpine og mm. blandt andet FAKTA i Sønderborg.

De er møg trælse og de forstyrrer mit syn og andres syn. Der er 1000 skygger og det er super svært at fokusere på objekter. Få dem væk fra hylderne!

Lamperne tænder og slukker konstant.

Byg Thorium kraftværker så vi har strøm nok


Musicians worldwide are the hands of god

They are essentially what you call co-creators and they write your reality. When you listen to them, depending on what meaning you extract from it, being it fear or the opposite of fear which is love, then things become reality.

So, if you fear the music they write, it will become reality in a bad way.
If you hear the music with love, it will become reality in a good way.

“Change your perception.” (Link to: Don’t look back anger

The culture/country most aligned with the Law of one.

During my “studies” of Culture and language and Business administration at SDU. I found that the Russians seem to be most aligned with “the law of one”

That is essentially also, why I have a “hunch” that the meek will inherit the world.

“The meek shall inherit the earth”

Meek has multiple meanings. In ancient greece it meant “those who have weapons but do not want to use them” But if you push Russian into a corner, Russia pushes you into a corner, for what you do to others, you do to yourself.

It is essentially the laws of karma.

Living the meek existence / commune with nature / without warfare

Jordan Petersons oppinion on the same subject.

Corruption / lust / greed is not what humanity wants for themselves collectively.

Look at what putin does instead of what the corrupted media attempts make you believe.


Musicians worldwide have depicted this situation in the following way

“The conflict at ground zero, waiting for a war” Jerusalem/Palestine Dream Theater “The Grand Debate”

“Waiting for the hidden war, so she can go all the way” – Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Hidden war.

Who is she? “Mother Natures Recipe” aka. Hermeticism Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – Mother Natures recipe

Content to feed off the machine (Modern money mechanics)  Zeitgeist will explain this better.
Bleeding us to death (creating poverty)
The new American dream (world domination with opressive economics established by Zionists in Israel)
“Dream Theater, on the back of Angels”

Rage against the machine:
“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses”

We are running out of time:
“All that I know is everyone needs to hurry” – Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Forward in Reverse
To get into balance, break down the ego and connect to the “matrix of the mind/the collective consciousness” instead of “being in between”

So, I take it two mesiahs will run into Israel and set the record straight once and for all. Mounted on donkeys or driving really old cars.