Visiting the homeless shelter again to check up on “patient/doctors”

To teach is the same as to learn, thusly to heal is the same as to be healed.

If you don¨t get some kind of kick out of seeing people rise from their metaphorical graves, then there is something definitely wrong with you/me/them 😉

Today I was complimented for my work in such a gratefull manner that it almost touched me to tears. However, the working was entirely their own.

Within a week, we have managed to, and we, being the patients themselves in conjunction with the catalyst, moi, to elevate themselves/me further.

Next destination “Kirkens IT-kors hær.”

Essentially, we have a few homeless people with desire to deal with computers and IT, and as such, the entrepreneur in me shall comply and assist them. How was that again? 6 surprises that most entrepreneurs run into?

Fristad skider i vandet. Her er løsningen


Danske politikere burde tage at fokusere på løsninger istedet for problemer i visse situationer. 6 år siger han at han har arbejdet på problemet?!?!? Tror han skal finde et andet job. 3500 kr koster sådan et toilet…Hvad har hans løn været i de 6 år?

“Composting toilet” (images and words)

“Komposterings toilet” (Wikipedia: TEXT)

Where is “facebook” lite?

I get anoyed by all the stupid emoticons that turn around, twist around and millions of pictures that need to load before I can start doing anything.

I litterally have to wait 15-30 seconds on my 3g connections (tethered phone) on my laptop before all the “useless things” have loaded. It creates stress, agitages me and I simply get this feeling that I want to destroy facebook and recreate it better.

But instead of doing that, how about giving people a choice?

-Full fledged, with what I consider alot of “time wasters and escape activities”
-Lite, without those things so that productivity is increased.

“Think win-win” for currently, facebook wins, I loose and if both parts do not win, everything will crash.” derived from 7 habits of highly effective people.

The “Adams” apple

In buddism, it is the speaker of truth, who has balanced the 5th chakra. The 5th chakra is forged in the flames of honesty. Source:

It is analogous with the “bodhi tree” or “the tree of wisdom”
It was the emperors apple (gods apple), it contained stones of wisdom and there were 6. a red, a orange, a yellow, a green a blue and a purple rain.

It was obtained today at a fleemarket for 15 DKK on a street 100m from my home

PET are amateurs

Since 2014 at some point I have felt that I was under surveilance.

First of all, why do I think so?
Because my company was hired by this guy:

I moved to england to work for him, but soon we all found out that there were more skeletons in the closet than we expected. In fact, I did not expect any in the beginning. But suddenly that changed. However, that is irrelevant for this story.

So, I move into a friends little garden-shed as I just want to get away from IT for a while as I grew tired of something that I wont get into details about. But essentially this kurt guy stole my future, some graphicscards and my laptop while at the same time my server at home that I had bought secondhand deleted all my data. That server WAS the backup of my financial records for my company.

As i lived in my friends house, I sometimes couldnt find stuff. They had been moved ever so slightly as if someone had read my papers and put them back on the table.

I started pondering this and developed a certain amount of paranoia and started to take measures to detect intruders. A simple clip in the door that would drop to the floor next time i opened it. However, it never dropped when I opened the door after locking it. Someone else had already opened the door.

A while later I move into a friends appartment. And under the cover of being craftsmen, these mofos started looking through my papers, moved our toothpaste and a few other things. I had stacked my papers in a pattern that I would recognize if it had been moved, partially due to the previous experience in the sheds. My papers had been moved… in a room that the craftsmen should not have been in. Why? Why would they want to look at my business model generation papers?

Our toothbrush and toothpaste also moved. I asked my friend about this, if he had moved them “no, he was at work” we looked at each other, and without saying anything we threw out ALL our food. We had become paranoid because incompetent undercover–police men had to target the wrong guys.

Now, a few weeks ago, I was made aware of something that I did not actually think about before he mentioned it. It would appear that alot of danish IT-system admins have been quarantained due to the “Tønder Case” which I read about a while ago, but such stuff is not something I care much about so I never thought back on it.

I used to be an IT admin, but I only had one hosted site, namely and the work I did for another customer, KGS Inkasso which eventually would bankrupt due to Kurt Schmidts actions.

And because of that, I have been in the searchlight of PET.

However, they never found anything, they caused mental stress and now sit there grinning. They have nothing to laugh about though for they are apparantly idiots.

Why pedophiles do what they do.

Well, first of they are fucked up in their heads and are “power over others centered” And that is my personal opinion and they shall all be removed from this planetary sphere in time.

Those fuckers have even made my life more difficult as the Danish Secret police has been invading my privacy since 2013. I know they have, and I find them quite amateurish as I took certain measures to detect intruders in my home. Besides, When i put stuff somewhere and it has been moved and it wasnt me, then someone else has moved it.

However, the reason for the behaviour is “sexual energy transfer/healing” Kids are not particularly “distorted” in their beingness. They are more “Pure” than more mature subjects due to lack of social conditioning as such they attempt to “two become one” through sexual activity. The problem is, that penetrative sex is not for pleasure, it is only for reproduction and is addictive and imbalances are transfered to both partners.. Tantric sex is for balancing and healing amongst others.

There are other techniques that I am at current time/space space/time not aware of.

However, the “elite” society as they call themselves, use satanic rituals to empower themselves. However, they will never get away with it without being caught.



One can get an insight in this by reading the bible and certain hinduistic texts. However, the most intelligeble distortion came from LL research spiritual channelings of what would previously be called “Egyptian Sun God Ra”

If you so desire, you can extract the meaning from this link

How not intervening in a rape situation caused bad karma.

Many many years ago, I was a sk8terboi (link to avril lavigne skaterboy)

We got drunk, we were around 15 years of age. One night a girl was really drunk and had fallen asleep/passed in a little shed somewhere close to the skateboard ramps. Three of my friends, possibly only two, seemed it was a good idea to “sneak it in” while she was sleeping. I only vaguely remember the situation, but, I did not go between her and the three guys. I do not know exactly what happened, but I suspect it was nothing good.

I could have gone in between, but why did I not? Well, during my school time I was harrassed greatly by most of my classmates in school. I was wearing glasses and I did not read cartoons. I read lademans encyclopedia of knowledge so I was considered a wierdo.

Fearing loosing my newfound friends I did not interact. Such fear is called fear of abandonment. I have forgiven myself for not interfering. I hope the girl wasn’t marked for life, whoever she was, because I do not remember clearly who it was.


17.20 Questioner: How did this aggressive action against a playmate affect Jesus in his spiritual growth? Where did he go after his physical death?

Ra: I am Ra. The entity you call Jesus was galvanized by this experience and began a lifetime of seeking and searching. This entity studied first day and night in its own religious constructs which you call Judaism and was learned enough to be a rabbi, as you call the teach/learners of this particular rhythm or distortion of understanding, at a very young age.

At the age of approximately thirteen and one-half of your years, this entity left the dwelling place of its earthly family, as you would call it, and walked into many other places seeking further information. This went on sporadically until the entity was approximately twenty-five, at which time it returned to its family dwelling, and learned and practiced the art of its earthly father.

When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and teach/learn what it had felt during the preceding years to be of an worthwhile nature. The entity was absolved karmically of the destruction of an other-self when it was in its last portion of lifetime and spoke upon what you would call a cross saying, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.