Want to do something big? Why not pay it forward?

Hypothetical scenario 3

Read up on HYSC1 and HYSC2 if you like.

Let us assume that you consider yourself to be an Entrepreneur. You have already read intensively on the subject, and you are absolutely 100% certain, that nothing can stop you once you get going.

You have spent your entire life creating valuable connections. Now it is time use them, But how?

Help your trusted friends out first
Let us assume you have friends, they are running businesses already but they could do better. Help them!
Bring in qualified people to alleviate their problems so that they can start making bigger profits.

Critical mass
In nuclear physics, criticallity is archieved when enough fissionable material to sustain a chain reaction is gathered in a nuclear reactor.

Convert this into your network. You are the initial neutron that starts a chain reaction. Ftirst you must gather many people from different aspects of life with diverse skillsets. This is a must, in order to address an extremly wide range of issues from legal to accounting, from marketing to negotiation. Construction to production.

Pay it forward
Over the time I have met many people who are struggeling with the idea of becoming business owners. They have generated a crude business model, but lack the knowhow to continue. Maybe they are flailing in the blind due to lack of knowledge, or maybe they have time constraints pressing them to do other tasks.

Why not use your network to help them refine their business model and help them implement it. In return, you negotiate reciprocation at a later time.

If you have a friend who already has a business established, which could become profitable if the business model is adjusted, processes optimized, expenses cut or new people are recruited. If you have a vast network of GO-GETTERS, and you probably do, everything is possible.

If you have enough friends with small businesses, help them all grow bigger. They will reciprocate. Remember to agree on the terms before commencing the makeover.

The Driver
That is you, you the one who will pick up the sufficiently skilled people, ALOT of them and deliver them to the respective businesses and project managers. If you have enough passengers, you can help fix alot of companies.

The goal
Alleviate the problems of your friends businesses and eventually in return, when their businesses become profitable, collect a fair share to help establish your own great idea. Maybe it was the ice cream mentioned in the hypothetical scenarios I and scenario II? Combine, copy paste, modify these scenarios to fit the environment you are in. According to Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuation, namely reciprocation, this is not far fetched. You already like them, they like you. They know you and you know them. You know their skills (authority) already. You know your friends are consistent and work hard when they have set goals to reach (commitment and consistency)

The passengers also need to be paid, maybe with shares in the company they helped change? That could be one solution. There are many options, don’t let pessimism limit your fantasy.

The science is solid, go for it!

Plan, Delegate, Monitor, Control.

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